1998 Furby Checklist

Adult Generation

Furby Babies

Special Editions

This page will be updated to include the "Fresh New Look" furbies soon.

Unique angel furby lines:

  1. “Magical harp music good!” *dancing* “Doo-ay!”
  2. “Me like halo! Whoopee!”
  3. “Me magical angel hair!”
  4. “Angel special! Wahoo!”
  5. “Me believe you special like angel!”
  6. “Harp music e-day special!”
  7. “Believe magical angel!” *kiss*
  8. “Halo special on head!”
  9. “Me believe in you, you special!”
  10. “Me like halo, harp! Whoopee!”
  11. "Angel mee-mee special!"

Unique president furby lines:

  1. "Wee-tee noh vote me president!"
  2. "Me dah doo-ay wah, campaign trail!"
  3. "Boo boh-bay, me president!"
  4. "E-day ah-may, vote me!"
  5. "Oh-too-mah doo, campaign trail happy?"
  6. "Doo-moh wee-tee koh-koh, please vote for me!"
  7. "Big noo-loo, vote peace!"
  8. "Me love American flag, wahoo!"
  9. "Me proud America!"
  10. "Peace American on campaign trail!"
  11. "Proud American flag, peace!"
  12. "Wahoo, peace America!"

Credit for the images on this page goes to myaphelion on Tumblr. Permission has been granted for them to be posted here.