“Angel special! Wahoo!”

So, today is my twenty-third birthday…

…And I spent last night holding back a heart attack brought on by the preciousness of the angel furby I received from my mom at my party.

My god, is this thing precious.

I knew beforehand that I was getting it, so after I opened it, I got out the glue and extra furby eyelashes I had brought with me and stuck them on. Beautiful! Then I spent some time appreciating it aesthetically during a walk with my aunt and uncle. I took a couple pictures, and that was all well and good.

But when I got home, that’s when I was truly enchanted.

Not only was I pleasantly surprised to find that this furby works perfectly, without even having the “me sleep again” problem, but I had no idea before now that the angel furby had unique lines. My heart melted. I took a long video of it talking because I needed to record its adorableness for posterity. Even now while I type this, it’s sitting next to me on the counter saying things like:

  1. “Magical harp music good!” *dancing* “Doo-ay!”
  2. “Me like halo! Whoopee!”
  3. “Me magical angel hair!”
  4. “Angel special! Wahoo!”
  5. “Me believe you special like angel!”
  6. “Harp music e-day special!”
  7. “Believe magical angel!” *kiss*
  8. “Halo special on head!”
  9. “Me believe in you, you special!”
  10. “Me like halo, harp! Whoopee!”

I feel like crying, I’m so in love with this furby. It’s is now easily one of my all time favorite furbies. Thank goodness for my mom being supportive of my silly hobby and getting him for me!!


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