What It Feels Like to Own a Kid Cuisine Furby

A little over two weeks ago, on April 10th, I opened a box that contained a kid cuisine furby for the first time.

Upon opening it, I felt vaguely like I was in another world. It didn’t feel real. There in my hands was a kid cuisine furby with a softness that only NIB furbies have, and it didn’t feel real.

Of course I was happy, though. Even through the numbness, I recorded a video of the furby (which I have named Snacks) turning on for the first time. Everything worked but his tummy sensor. Kid cuisine furbies are from the notoriously cruddy JT factory, though, so I was elated that it worked at all!

I posted the video to my tumblr blog and told all my friends in the Furby Discord server that he’d been opened, and they demanded pics.

“THERE HE IS,” said one member. “THE GOODEST BOY.”

Snacks is indeed the goodest boy. I expected a kid cuisine furby to feel out of place with the rest of my furbies, somehow too special to exist alongside them, but he became part of my big furby family so naturally it was like he was meant to be there.

Today he’s all decked out with a necklace bearing his name, donut earrings, and a hippie headband. He and his pet goblin, the kid cuisine furby buddy, Bite Size Snacks, are doing well and loving their new home. I love Snacks very much!! 🙂

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