Finally! The Big Fun Furby Fanzine Is Now Available!

Great news! Today, thanks to everyone’s contributions, the Big Fun furby fanzine became available on Amazon!

I’m so happy to finally be able to announce this! It started off as just a “what if?” idea, and since then, everybody’s worked so hard to bring this fanzine to life. And now it’s finally available in real life!!

On January 25th, I posed this question to my tumblr followers: “Who here would want to contribute to a furby zine?”

It got a lot of positive responses! So I set to work crowdsourcing ideas for the title and how I should publish it. Then I started working on getting the word out that I would head the project, and published a call for submissions on tumblr.

There were hiccups aplenty.

Hiccups with my account on (which I needed to be able to have people sign a release form giving me permission to publish their work).

Hiccups with formatting the fanzine on word (I finally switched to powerpoint in the end).

Hiccups with submissions because some people submitted files that were too small and would appear blurry in the finished fanzine.

Hiccups with the Amazon listing saying “book unavailable,” even though in my kindle direct publishing account, it said it was live.

Those hiccups were straightened out, though, and it all came together at the end. Once I switched to using powerpoint for the zine file, everything was smooth sailing, and people resubmitted their work in the appropriate size for publishing. When the Amazon listing hiccup came up, I emailed support and they fixed it in less than a day!

Now the fanzine, which started as just a tiny idea in the back of my head, is a physical reality! I ordered my copy today, and I’m so excited for it to arrive in two days!

I encourage you all to take a look at what we’ve put together, and I hope you have a fun time looking at all the art and writing!! 🙂

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