Fixing 1998 Furbies

Problem: Furby does not start up.

Solution: First, check that there is nothing obstructing the battery contacts and that the batteries inside are fresh out of the package. If everything looks good, it’s likely that the Furby’s motor needs a bit of help to get started. The easiest course of action here is to heavily and quickly pat/hit the Furby on the lower back. It may just take one or two pats to get your Furby’s motor moving again, or it may take as long as half an hour or so before the Furby comes back to life, but this method works in almost every case. If your Furby still cannot start up, pull down the beak and use a long and thin device like a screwdriver to turn the gear behind it. Neither of these methods require the Furby to be skinned and both have a high success rate.


Problem: Furby’s battery contacts are covered in corrosion.

Solution: The contacts in a Furby’s battery compartment can be damaged by corrosion if batteries are left in for too long, so it’s always a good idea to store batteries outside of your Furby. If the contacts are already corroded, give them a gentle scrub with an old toothbrush that is no longer being used (or a q-tip) dipped in apple cider vinegar or Coca-Cola. Make sure not too use too much liquid at once so nothing stays inside the Furby when your done. Since these substances are mildly acidic, you will also need to wipe all of the contacts off with regular water after the initial cleaning is finished. Finally, wipe everything off with a dry cloth to get rid of any moisture and let the Furby sit for 24 hours before testing it out! This method works in mild, moderate, and some severe cases of corrosion. Extremely severe corrosion cases may not be fixable with this method.


Problem: Furby says “Me Sleep Again” or “Kah Way-loh Koh-koh” upon start-up and falls asleep immediately.

Solution: Unfortunately, there is no permanent fix for this issue, but there is a good temporary fix to get your Furby up and running again. After the Furby falls asleep, you will need to press down on the tongue sensor and shake the Furby upside down while still holding this sensor down. Once you let go of the sensor, the Furby should wake up as normal and be ready to play. However, you will need to do this again upon every start-up.


Problem: Furby is mute/has no voice.

Solution: The speaker in your Furby has likely failed. This is one of the harder problems to fix unfortunately as it requires a donor Furby. You will need to remove the skin from both your Furby and the donor Furby and unplug the speakers on both before replacing the working Furby’s speaker with the donor’s. Be aware that there are two different types of speakers in the 1998 series Furbies and they are not interchangeable.


Problem: Furby’s voice is garbled and full of static.

Solution: This can occasionally be caused by a bad speaker or poor internal connection, but the most common cause is simply low batteries. If your Furby starts acting like this, it’s usually a sign that it needs its batteries replaced! A new set of batteries should get your Furby working properly again!


Problem: Furby is acting strangely and/or its motors are not synced up properly with its voice.

Solution: This can luckily be fixed with a press of the reset button located next to the battery compartment in most cases!


Problem: Furby moves very slowly and has very loud motors.

Solution: This issue seems to be most common in Furbies from the JT factory and doesn’t have a clear cut fix, but many owners report this issue improving with continued use, so it is possible that your Furby will get better over time if you keep running it!

Credit for the content of this page goes to Aibo7m3 on Tumblr, and permission has been given to put it on this site.