The Webmaster's Collection

This is the third page of my personal collection of furbies, furby buddies, and other furby merchandise!
I started my collection on September 17, 2016.

Furby Buddies

"Dali" - Male (he/him)


Acquired 11/19/16 from Union Lake Flea Market

"Cubby" - Male (he/him)

Special Edition Chicago Cubs

Acquired 3/20/17 from eBay

"Bite Size Snacks" - Nonbinary Male (he/him or they/them)

Special Edition Kid Cuisine

Acquired 3/22/17 from eBay

"Cherry" - Nonbinary (it/its or they/them)

Special Edition Yellow and Purple

Acquired 3/29/17 from eBay

"Sooty Stripes" - Male (he/him)


Acquired 5/22/17 as a gift

"Mini Mel" - Male (he/him)


Acquired 7/3/17 from eBay


"Speven" - Male (he/him)

Special Edition Easter

Acquired 10/30/16 from Amazon