Jester Furbies, Come to Me!!

I have a jester furby named Follette Troillefou (Follette meaning stupid and Troillefou being the name of the jester from Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame).

I love that furby to death. Jester furbies are my absolute favorite furbies (with flamingos coming in at a close second), and I desire to collect an army of them. I also was hoping to give away a jester furby for my 500 tumblr follower milestone giveaway on my furby blog, filthyfurbies.

Yesterday someone linked me to a goodwill auction with two new in box jester furbies up for bidding. They said they thought of me when they saw it and asked me to “plz start an army of them.” I thanked them profusely, and this morning I woke up and bided my time nervously until 10:38 am, two minutes before the auction ended.

Anxiously, with less than one minute left in the auction, I put in a bid for $15, which was the minimum bid at the time.


With shaking hands and heart pounding now, I scrambled to bid $17, and…

I won!!!! I have another jester furby of my own now, and one to give away, both for super cheap!!

Keeping with my jester furby naming theme, I’m going to name the new one I’m keeping Tonti Triboulet (Tonti meaning silly, and Triboulet being the name of a famous historical jester.

Now I await their arrival, and the day I hit 500 followers on my blog so I can start the jester furby giveaway! 🙂

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