Mellow Downtown & Furby Power Levels

Yesterday, Prince Mellow the flamingo furby and I went to visit my aunt in Rochester. It was a really nice day considering how bad the weather’s been lately, so we took full advantage of it and took a walk downtown. Mellow had a great time having pictures taken of him in an antique store. He even got to be held by Buddha.

Today, out of sheer boredom, I made a chart that would allow anyone to determine the “power level” of any furby. I figure furbies, like any other mythical creature that has a video game based off of it, should have power levels and stats. I feel like it would be fun to compare power levels and stats of furbies.

“What’s your furby’s charisma level?”

“A hundred-ninety. I dumped most of his two hundred and thirty-five levels into it. Now he can manipulate other furbies into giving him more tickles.”

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