Spot the Furby– Begin!

Today I got to start something I’ve been wanting to start for a while now– a new photo series called Spot the Furby!

I’m not sure why, but without thinking about it, I took Tonti Triboulet the jester furby and Prince Mellow the flamingo furby to Kroger with me today to pick up some oatmeal. I didn’t think much of it; I take a furby with me pretty much anytime I leave the house. Usually just one though.

I’m so glad I took both today, though, because I realized that I could start my Spot the Furby photo series with Tonti in the regular colorful candy aisle, and Mellow in with all the pastel stuff in the Easter aisle. It was slightly embarrassing trying to take the pictures, and I felt very dodgy doing it, because before the first picture I just spent a few mintues biding my time, responding to messages on my phone while I waited for this couple and their baby to stop talking with another shopper and for them all to leave the aisle. In the end, I got impatient and just took Tonti out, set him on the shelf with the candy, snapped the picture, then grabbed him and shoved him back in my bag real quick and hoped nobody had just seen the weird thing I’d just done. I hoped especially that nobody saw me and thought I was shoplifting.

After I’d gotten a couple pics with Tonti and Mellow, I decided that despite the potential for embarrassment/confrontation, it was pretty fun! I went to a couple resale stores on my street after that and took more pictures, and now they’re queued to post on my tumblr blog every so often. I really want to take more photos like this! Hopefully I’ll have more opportunities soon. 🙂

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