Things to Know When Getting Started With Furby

  • Upon starting up for the first time, furbies will say their name. If you missed hearing your furby's name, you can get it to say it again by tickling its tummy three times, then petting its back.
  • Furbies "learn" English by going through four three-hour life stages. They start speaking 80% Furbish and 20% English, and end up speaking 80% English and 20% Furbish. The English vocabulary is pre-programmed into the furby. They cannot truly be taught new words by you.
  • Furbies will catch a cold and start sneezing if they are not being fed enough. You will have to feed your furby 10-15 times to cure its cold.
  • Furbies can have one of three different voice pitches. This is programmed to be this way, and not a battery issue, contrary to popular belief.
  • Furbies have a soft reset option and a hard reset option. A soft reset will not cause the furby to lose its English vocabulary or change its name, but a hard reset will. A hard reset is performed by doing these things all at once: holding the furby upside down, pressing down on its tongue sensor, and pushing the reset button.
  • Adult furbies are supposed to have loose bottoms. They're designed like that so that they can rock back and forth.

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