The Mystery of the Tie-Dye

Today, I spent a lot of time researching the information regarding this post made by a woman on tumblr, and for a good while I was misled. I found documentation of the contest and sent her a message directly, and we talked about it. She gave me specific details about her entry into the contest, and I was convinced she was telling the truth for a few hours. However, things started not adding up:

  1. The woman claims to have been four years old at the time of the contest, so if there was indeed a contest that the tie-dye furby hypothetically did win, she would have been two or three years old when it would have happened. This makes the possibility of her entering such a contest highly unlikely (not to mention the fact that no documentation of such a contest exists).
  2. The tie-dye furby design came out in 1999. The finalists for the contest the woman claims to have entered weren’t even announced until August of 2000.
  3. The tie-dye design and her name (initials S. H.) aren’t on the finalists page.
  4. Another furby, the pink rainbow furby, of which an official original prototype has been found this year, is one of the finalists. It’s likely that that design won the contest and that it simply never went into mass production.

I’m a little miffed, but mostly confused. Perhaps this woman was told by someone that she had designed the tie-dye furby and believed it all this time. After all, the timing is close.

Oh well. In the end, I learned something about the rainbow furby. All’s well that ends well!

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